Adventures in the Mud

Adventures in the Mud

Adventures in the Mud

Cartagena, Cartagena…. its a tad bit warmer up here on the Caribbean and a little more laid back. Actually, it’s hot as hell. The old town is surrounded by degrading fortress walls. And the streets are tight and colorful. Music is bouncing out of hostels and homeless people begging for pesos. The food is a little less salty, or we are already getting used to it. Sal is a big hit over here. O and yes. We are too. Whistles waves mi amor.. yada yada. Give me some space already!

We wasted no time in wandering the fortress walls and then spending the afternoon at what could’ve been one of my favorite adventures. We were told it is touristy, but I don’t think touristy quite fits this place. We took an hour bus ride out into the Cartagena countryside and turn down a tiny unmarked road. The end of the road looks a little like WTF:


There is a teeny tiny steeeeep hill that we are about to climb in to get our mud bath. Maybe the mud is good for your skin or something, but no one ever confirmed that. I was the lucky first jumper from our group. It was the strangest feeling ever. Slightly warm. Goopy. And yes. I had to pay 3000 pesos for the little boy to be in charge of my photos… I also had no choice but to pay 3000 for my “massage”. What can you expect for $1.60 USD?


I did manage to escape the 3000 peso cleansing station in the lake/bay/ocean? It was hard. I had to swim covered in mud and repeat llevarme. I think that is I wash myself… maybe that was why they were chasing me? I loved our hostel: El Viajero. People everywhere and an air conditioned room full of South America tips.. what more could you ask for?!

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